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Membership management
Golf Club management
Custom database design
Email / postal mail marketing
FIT Tour Operating system
Web design done right
At Vito & Associates, Inc. the "Home of the Herds", we have ready-to-roll on-line software applications for membership management, email marketing, golf club management and an FIT tour operating system. We design web accessible custom databases, software applications and web sites. At the "Home of the Herds", herd your data into one database, then stay connected with your data and customers, current and potential, with Vito & Associates' online software applications and web presence solutions.
ClubHerd - Membership management
Manage your membership roster, communications, recruitment and retention online
GolfHerd, Golf Club management
Manage your golf club's membership, tee times and tournaments
ITHerd, Custom database design
Need a custom web accessible database? ITHerd. Just for you.
MailHerd - Email / postal mail marketing
An easy to manage email / postal mail marketing application
TravelHerd, FIT Tour Operating system
Complicated FITs, family travel and group movements. TravelHerd guides you through the process
WebHerd, Web design done right
Drab looking web site without pizzazz? WebHerd to the rescue!
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